Whiskey® delivers a questions-based assessment of your product or service.

You want to be the go-to place when people want to know about ... WHAT?

To own a space, you have to be the ones people turn to when they have questions. How can you position yourself as the go-to place?  You have to understand the questions people might ask about your product or service or the space you're in. 

Finding out what people want to know is very different from taking what you know about your product or service and finding a way to tell them what you think they should know.

Our solution:

  • Open-ended questions from  customers AND potential customers
  • Compilation of 100+ questions covering a proprietary blend of cognitive domains.
  • Delivery of a Whiskey® analysis of your website or other marketing or educational material, which includes:
  • Statistical analysis of your site's alignment with your client/customers' expressed needs.
  • Stratification of these results by demographics such as geographic location or gender or custom characteristics.
  • Analysis in terms of how information rich your site is and its perceived difficulty.

Free initial consultation. Please send an email to whiskey at converspeech dot com with your contact information and we will get back to you right away.


“Sometimes the questions are complicated and the answers are simple.”

                                                                   -- Dr. Seuss